How to Make a German Shepherd Love You (21 Heartwarming Tips)

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Do you want to know the secrets of how to make a German Shepherd love you?

Imagine how amazing your life looks as your German Shepherd gazes at you with affection and admiration!

It’s easy to feel loved by your German Shepherd with my tried and tested tips that’ll have your dog anticipating your every word.

Here’re some of the sweetest ways to make your German Shepherd love you.

1. Whisper Sweet Words of Affection

whisper sweet words of affection

To start learning how to make your German Shepherd love you, whisper sweet words of affection to them while rubbing the base of their ears.

GSDs love a good ear rub, but especially when it comes with words of appreciation in a soft, soothing tone.

Even ordinary words will do, like telling your dog about your day or asking them how they’re doing. But remember to whisper and sweeten the tone!

My German Shepherd’s favorite words are “Who’s a pretty girl?” and “You have such beautiful brown eyes!” Our breed loves compliments, so do your best to tell them how perfect they are!

2. Give Your German Shepherd a Special Glove Massage

massaging brush gloves

Put on these special glove mitts that massage your dog gently while removing loose hair. It’s a double win since you’re also helping increase circulation in their skin to give them a shiny coat.

This helps give them a mirror shine when done regularly. Not to mention, it’s calming to your dog and they will associate you with relaxing things. The SPCA states that massage helps reduce stress and this mean that you are the bringer of good things for them!

Massaging also increases your bond with and teaches them that you love spending time with them!

3. Give a Hidden Treasure

hide dog bones for a treasure hunt

Use a large shallow cardboard box and fill it with a bit of crumpled brown paper or newspaper. Hide your Shepherd’s tasty treats in the box and let them dig for treasure!

German Shepherds love to dig! Let them see you hide their treats since you want them to know you are the provider of the treasure. It’s a pirate adventure you can have together!

Watch out for the flying paper in your face!

4. Make Them Sock Toys

funny sock toys

Tired of having missing pairs of socks lying around? Then use them to make a sock toy to get your German Shepherd’s love!

Braid a few socks together and tie off the ends for a soft tug toy. It’s great to have a soft toy for indoor play sessions.

Or, take a handful of old socks and shove them into one of your biggest old socks. Form the socks inside into a ball and tie a knot at the top like a large sock ball.

Watch heavy chewers for any destruction to their new sock toy as some GSD are prone to tearing their playthings.

If you’d rather not make any sock toys because your dog is a heavy chewer, then why not check out these 13 Best German Shepherd Toys (for BORED Super-Chewers)?

5. Stuffed Animal Bowling

stuffed animal toy

Line up your dog’s favorite stuffed animals in a pyramid shape, as a bowling alley does. Then, roll a ball into the pyramid and have a bowling bonanza!

Your dog will enjoy chasing the ball and finding out there’s a surprise at the end when their toys go in different ways.

They love finding which toy to chase first!

6. Goal!

blue 14" virtually indestructible ball

Love soccer? Your German Shepherd does, too!

Buy an extra-large, virtually indestructible dog ball. Move some boxes and set them up like goalposts in your yard.

See if you can get your dog to make a point and score as you try to block them. Many herding breeds, like your GSD, quickly master this game using their noses to push the ball past you.

Can you say, “GOOOOOAAAAAL!”

7. Teach Them Tricks

dog balancing kong chew toy on their nose

German Shepherds love to learn new tricks. They’re one of the world’s most intelligent breeds and enjoy learning things.

Find a few tricks you want to teach them and start training a bit every day.

What about aiming to teach a nose balance with their Kong chew toy?

Be sure to include their favorite treats and offer plenty of positive words of encouragement. Don’t give up…

German Shepherds have exceptional balance!

8. Homemade Pupsicles 

white ice cube tray

Fill an ice cube tray with low sodium chicken broth and drop a few pieces of kibble in. Freeze, then pop out the cubes for a snack.

These work well on a hot summer’s day or anytime you start to question how to get your German Shepherd to love you. Be warned, licking pupsicles can get messy!

So give them to your dog outdoors or in a spot that’s easy to clean.

9. The Cup Guessing Game

empty blue plastic cup lying on its side on a white table

Take 3 plastic small containers or cups. Hide a treat under one cup and move the cups around to mix them up while your dog watches.

When you’re done mixing them, ask your dog to find the right cup.

When they sniff it out or knock over the right cup, they get to eat the prize!

10. Scratch-a-thon

german shepherd getting scratches

Sometimes your dog has an itch they can’t scratch. Other times, it just feels good for you to scratch them where they can’t reach.

Scratch your dog on their belly and near the base of their tail… anywhere really, because our breed loves a good, deep scratching!

Use your fingertips to get to their skin through their thick undercoat. This also helps air circulate to their skin and helps keep the skin healthy.

11. Bubble Popping

person blowing bubbles

On a pretty day, take your dog outside and blow them some bubbles! Dogs love to chase the bubbles and pop them with their mouths.

Blowing bubbles is even better outside on a warm, sunny day. Outdoors gives your dog the chance to run and play with your super bubble-blowing factory!

Don’t blow bubbles on a slick floor, as you’ll have a slippery mess!

12. Brown Bag Special

brown paper bag

Take a brown paper lunch bag and sprinkle a few treats inside. Roll up the top as loose or tight as you want and present it to your dog.

Don’t act surprised if this bag keeps them busy as they try delicately to unroll the top.

On the other hand, some dogs just rip the bag apart to get to the tasty treats. Prepare for a bit of a cleanup in this case!

13. The Treat Fairy

german shepherd looking sleeping

While your dog is sleeping, sneak a treat under their blanket or nose.

What dog doesn’t like to wake up next to a snack?

Be sure to place yourself quietly nearby so that your dog sees you after waking up! Tell them what a good dog they are and scratch their belly when they see you.

14. Mesmerizing Touch

german shepherds face up close

Using your index finger, softly stroke your dog’s nose on the bridge between their eyes. Stroke them in the direction of hair growth for maximum mesmerization.

You could even use the soft sweet whispers mentioned earlier to talk kindly to them to increase your touch’s effect.

Do this frequently throughout the day for instant love! A daily, soft touch is a perfect way to remember how to make your German Shepherd love you!

15. The Collar Massage

german shepherd lwearing a collar

Slip your fingers under your dog’s collar and make small round circles with your fingertips.

Most petting ignores this sweet spot, so your German Shepherd will fall in love with you over and over again when you remember this much-neglected area.

You can also take your thumb and index finger and use a very light cupping motion on the base of their neck, where the collar rests. This increases the intensity of the collar massage and the intensity of their love for you.

16. Name Game Repeat

german shepherd running towards handler

What German Shepherd doesn’t love to hear their name?

Especially repeatedly and in a happy, upbeat tone!

If you really want to know how to make a German Shepherd love you, use their name frequently in an upbeat tone. Call them to you for no reason other than a soft pet or scratch behind their ears.

Even better—make up sweet nicknames for your dog and use them playfully during your day.

Remember, the more playful, fun nicknames you invent the better you understand how to make a German Shepherd love you!

17. Sniffari Time

adult and puppy german shepherd walking and sniffing

Your breed is great at using their nose to find things. If you want to know how to make a German Shepherd love you, take them out for frequent walks and don’t rush them.

Let them sniff and sniff…

They’ll love their sniffari adventure with you and the outside time is great for bonding.

Want to learn more ways to bond with your dog while keeping them fit and healthy? Then read all about exercising with your German Shepherd for fitness and fun!

18. Flying Cakes

rice cakes

Well, flying rice cakes that is! Use unsalted, unflavored rice cakes like a frisbee.

Toss them to your dog and watch their eyes light up as they realize they’re edible! Rice cakes come in different sizes.

I prefer the smaller ones so that my dog doesn’t get too full of them from all our play.

19. Peanut Butter Temptation

kong extreme treat dispensing chew toy

What’s better than a treat? A peanut butter treat!

But not just an ordinary peanut butter treat… a long-lasting Kong filled with peanut butter goodness!

Take a Kong extreme dog toy and fill it with their favorite treats, kibble, and a spoonful of peanut butter mixed all together. Give the peanut butter temptation to your new best friend and watch the love in their eyes grow for you!

(Make sure you’re using plain peanut butter. Look for brands without xylitol. This ingredient is hazardous for your dog.)

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20. Magic Hands

two people holding hands

German Shepherds have large thigh muscles that become tense from their daily exercise.

As your dog is lying on their side, take your fingertips and use round circles to massage their hips and thighs.

Don’t use heavy pressure. A light massage is best for relaxation.

If you really want to help them enjoy their experience, dim the lights and play soft music while you give your undivided attention to their relaxation.

Don’t act surprised if they drool from all the affection.

21. Toy Mystery

wicker basket

Pick up your dog’s toys and store them in a basket out of reach of your dog. Every week, rotate the toys out.

Take their old toys and put them in the basket. Choose new toys for them for the week.

It’s like having brand new toys again and again!

Keep the fun going by adding in a different toy when they least expect it. Watch their surprise as you pull out the new toy from the basket.

German Shepherds love learning new games! Especially these brain games that increase their mental stimulation and improve their behavior.

How to Make A German Shepherd Love You For Life?

how to make your german shepherd love you for life

Knowing how to make a German Shepherd love you is part of welcoming them into your life.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is male or female they need attention and affection, just like you!

They are intensely social creatures and prefer not to get left alone. Sweeten your bond and love by spending time positively engaging with them and giving them a good doggy life using these fun, interactive games and play.

You don’t have to spend another moment wondering if your German Shepherd really loves you with these tips!

Would you also like to learn the trade secrets of professionals to get your dog to become dedicated to you for life using the power of science and compassionate training?

Then read my Brain Training for Dogs review to see how positive training can give you the best friend of your dreams!

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