How to Make a German Shepherd Love You in 5 Easy Steps

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Do you want to know the secrets of how to make a German Shepherd love you?

Imagine how amazing your life would look as your German Shepherd gazes at you with affection and admiration! German Shepherd love and affection is amazing…

when you know the secrets to their hearts!

But, it’s easy to feel loved by your German Shepherd with these tried and tested tips that’ll have your dog anticipating your every word.

I’ll share with you some of the best ways to make your German Shepherd love you.

But first…

Let’s get the basics of German Shepherd love out of the way.

German Shepherd Love and Affection Signs

german shepherd love and affection
First, learn how to identify the ways your German Shepherd shows you love.

I love my German Shepherd and wanted to learn more about how to get a German Shepherd to love you.

So, I learned how to identify German Shepherd love and affection first by watching my German Shepherd’s reaction to my affection.

While the GSD is considered more stoic in their nature, they can also show signs of love openly to their families and enjoy giving their chosen few people their undying attention.

Once you learn to recognize and identify your German Shepherd’s signs of affection to see how much they love you shower them with their favorites to increase their bond with you.

Increase the Bond with Your German Shepherd

Basically, when you love your German Shepherd in the ways below, watch their reactions. If they seem uncomfortable, look away, step back, or give you another sign they don’t like your love, then continue on in the list.


  • Watch their behavior for signs of reciprocal affection; meaning they like what you’re doing
  • Stop at anytime your GSD seems upset or uncomfortable

Keep working through the different German Shepherd love steps to find one that works for you and your GSD.

Are you looking to bond with your German Shepherd?

Here’s how…

German Shepherd Bonding

When you first get your puppy they are learning about you and how you will treat them in the future. Now is NOT the time to begin harsh punishment or rigorous, demanding training.

As a puppy, or even a new adult dog, show them your affection and attention so they understand that you are a kind and understanding person who wants to help them.

Never think you need force to train your GSD!

Bonding means your Shepherd wants to be with you, so do things that make your GSD shy away from your affection.

The Most Affectionate Ways to Make Your German Shepherd Dog Love You

Showing affection and love are one of the first steps to make a German Shepherd love you and, more importantly…

💗A better bond with your German Shepherd is sure to follow with these top bonding tips.

1. Make Eye Contact – Look Into Your German Shepherd’s Eyes

german shepherd getting scratches
This person knows the exact language to tell their dog, “I love you.”

Sometimes staring into a dog’s eyes might be seen as dominating, but when done with affection and while petting softly it can increase German Shepherd bonding.

Studies show that speaking gently and soft pets while looking into your dog’s eyes release hormones that increase love and affection between dog and human.

How to Get the German Shepherd Look & Love Right

This means that when done in a nonthreatening way, staring into your GSD’s eyes will give you both a moment to connect.

  • Pick a quiet time with no other people or animals around to distract you and your dog.
  • Gently caress their ears or face and look into their eyes.
  • Talk positively to them and use their name frequently in a gentle tone.

When in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to offer them a tasty piece of treat while looking at their eyes.

🦴Choose one of the Best Treats for German Shepherds if in doubt.

2. Sleep with Your German Shepherd (or enjoy a nap with them)

A normal night of sleep is around 8 hours for most people. But consider that’s valuable time that you could sneak in some German Shepherd love and bonding.

While I’m not suggesting you let your German Shepherd in bed, sleeping with your door open so your dog can lie on the floor or at your doorway is ideal for a German Shepherd.

Your breed is naturally protective and could see you kicking them out of the bedroom or shutting the door on them as a lack of love and affection.

Bedding Down with Your German Shepherd to Show Them Love

Instead, offer your GSD their own blanket or bedding on the floor in a spot that’s comfortable for both of you. This makes them feel at ease and safe next to their person.

It’s also thought that your dog’s rhythmic breathing can help you sleep better, but I found my German Shepherd to snore so loudly I have to put a fan on to drown it out.

♥Loud snoring is also a German Shepherd sign of affection because they are so relaxed and comfortable sharing their sleep time with you.

Your experience may vary with your GSD’s snoring, but give it a go and let your dog sleep near you at night and take advantage of all that bonding time to make them love you more.

3. Scratch Their Stomachs

my german shepherd lying on her back
Here you can see my German Shepherd enjoying lying on her back. This is a perfect opportunity to show her some love and affection!

While I don’t want you to purposely wake your German Shepherd (which could decrease your bond and upset them), I do want you to seek out opportunities to scratch their bellies when you can.

German Shepherds like to lay on their backs when they’re comfortable, and this is an excellent time get them to like you even more.

(Want to know Why German Shepherds Like to Lie on Their Backs?)

Don’t wind your dog up by petting and scratching them roughly.

Instead, slowly stroke and scratch their stomachs and tell them, “I love you, German Shepherd” or simply use their name.

This takes just a few seconds but is a great way to make a German Shepherd love you every day.

4. Massage Them for a Super Bond

Want to know the secret to a super bond with your dog?

🙌Put on these special glove mitts that massage your dog gently.

Bonus: it also removes loose hair.

It’s actually a triple win since you’re also helping increase circulation in their skin to give them a shiny coat, too.

Massaging your dog is calming to them and they will associate you with relaxing affectionate times. The SPCA states that massage helps reduce stress and this means that you are the bringer of good things for them!

Massaging also increases your bond with and teaches them that you love spending time with them!

Quiet time relaxing with your dog also gives you a chance to relax and studies show it can lower your blood pressure when you stroke your dog for at least 5 minutes…

Preferably every day.

5. Use Positive Training

german shepherd sitting on wooden floor ready for training
Train your German Shepherd daily for positive German Shepherd love!

German Shepherds love training with their person!

Especially positive and fun training, that uses motivation and their drive like in this program that uses brain games that increase their mental stimulation and improves their behavior.

Training a German Shepherd shouldn’t only involve all the basic commands, but it should include fun ways to use your breeds exceptional intelligence.

And, that’s exactly what brain training does!

Don’t teach your GSD to fear you. Instead, show them you are a fun and fair leader full of love and affection for them with games and training.

I wrote a review of the program I used to brain train my German Shepherd that’s super helpful right here Brain Training for Dogs Review: Was it Worth My Money?

How to Make A German Shepherd Love You For Life?

a german shepherd paw in the hand of a person
German Shepherd love is all about how you treat your companion.

Knowing how to make a German Shepherd love you is part of welcoming them into your life.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is a puppy or an adult they need love and affection…

just like you!

And you should also learn how to make your German Shepherd happy so they thrive in your life!

Develop An Intense Bond With Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds are intensely social creatures and prefer not to get left alone.

You are their world – Show them it’s a positive world and learn how to get them to love you with all of these useful bonding behaviors.

Sweeten your bond and love by spending time positively engaging with them and giving them a good doggy life.

You don’t have to spend another moment wondering if your German Shepherd loves you when you know these tips!

Would you also like to learn the trade secrets of professionals to get your dog to become dedicated to you for life using the power of science and compassionate training?

💙 Sounds like you’re ready to learn how to Discipline Your German Shepherd with Kindness right now.

Go ahead, show your German Shepherd how much you love them!