How to Improve German Shepherd Coat Health: Best Supplements and Oils

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Imagine you knew all the secrets for how to improve your German Shepherd’s coat…

Your German Shepherd would be the talk of the town with their thick fur and mirror-like reflection on their shiny coat!

It’s easier than you think using these scientifically-based tips and vet-recommended supplements to make a German Shepherd’s coat shine and sparkle.

How to Improve German Shepherd Coat and Skin

signs of unhealthy german shpeherd coat and skin
Does your German Shepherd suffer from any of these?

A German Shepherd Dog can suffer from a dull, thin coat that sheds too much if they aren’t in healthy shape and getting the right amount of nutrients.

If your dog’s health is poor then their coat and skin will suffer.

Your German Shepherd could show signs of:

  • itching
  • scratching
  • a dull coat
  • dandruff and skin flakes
  • redness and hot spots
  • skin irritation
  • fur that falls out in clumps
  • excessive shedding

You should always seek your vet’s advice when dealing with a German Shepherd that is unhealthy or doing poorly.

But, there are many ways to improve your German Shepherd’s coat to make their coat shiny and full.

Here are the best ways to not only improve your dog’s coat but…

Give them a shiny, full coat that you can’t stop running your fingers through!

1. Feed Them High-Quality Protein

protein improves coat health
Do you know how much protein your German Shepherd is eating?

A shiny coat starts with a high-quality diet rich in the right amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

If you don’t think your current food is producing the shine you want, or your dog is itching and scratching frequently, then consider switching to a more reputable name brand food.

Reputable dog foods typically contain nutrients, including essential fatty acids, to maintain your Shepherd’s healthy skin and a shiny coat. But, dogs on low-quality dog foods or improperly balanced homemade foods may not get enough essential nutrients to keep their skin and coat healthy.

A lackluster and dry coat is often the result of a poor diet or poor quality food.

Did you know…

A German Shepherd’s coat is made of roughly 90% protein!

When their diet is deficient in a protein coat quality suffers. Once your dog has a balanced diet with the right amount of protein, then they have the building blocks of the hair’s natural structure (source).

The Best Food for a German Shepherd’s Coat

Look for dog foods higher in protein to help them on the path to shiny fur that glows. Then choose the best name brand food for coat health.

Try this high-quality dog food that contains 32% protein and is made for the sensitive skin and stomach of your breed.

The vet-recommended food contains a special blend of ingredients that not only add shine to your German Shepherd’s coat but also contribute to less itching and scratching.

This formula also contains Omega-3 fatty acids which add to a beautiful, full coat.

2. Use the Best Supplement for a German Shepherd’s Coat

best supplement for german shepherd coat health and shine
Which supplements are best for your German Shepherd’s coat health?

Omega-3 fatty acids have many incredible health benefits for your dog.

But one of their most outstanding benefits is improving your German Shepherd’s coat and skin!

Found in fish oils (like salmon and sardines) and some plant oils, such as hempseed, borage seed, and flaxseed oil omega fatty acids increase shine and luster. Using a supplement for your German Shepherd’s coat is totally safe when directions from the manufacturer are followed and your dog has no underlying health issues.

Many dog owners prefer to use fish oil or hemp seed oil for pets, as they are the most readily available and produce such fantastic results. To relieve inflamed skin or itching, look for supplements that contain EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

Omega fatty acids are shown to:

  • improve coat condition
  • improve heart health
  • increase brain function
  • decrease itching and scratching
  • maintain skin health
  • reduce inflammation
  • decrease the symptoms of an allergic reaction

There are lots of supplements for a German Shepherd’s coat on the market.

The one I use is vet-recommended and not only adds shine to her coat but improves her joint health.

The Best Supplement for German Shepherd Coat Health and Shine

I supplement my GSD’s diet with an inexpensive oil mix that provides outstanding results for her shiny coat! She’s shedding less and has a gloriously full, mirror-like shine to her coat!

I love using this oil supplement for my German Shepherd’s coat!

The oil contains a nutritious mixture of oil from cold-water fish that my German Shepherd rushes to eat.

She even licks her bowl clean!

It’s also easy to give. Just pour the recommended dose right over your dog’s food. Simple!

3. Use the Power of Coconut Oil

german shepherds dry skin and coconut oil
Coconut oil for a German Shepherd’s dry skin provides itching relief and helps with coat health.

Coconut oil is another great choice for enhancing the skin and coat condition of your German Shepherd.

Coconut oil is a wholesome, easily digested oil that has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties! Coconut oil has two uses: internal or topically applied.

Coconut oil is a wholesome, easily digested oil that has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties! Coconut oil has two uses: internal or topically applied.

While you’re here, check out the full scoop on the best healthy treats that your German Shepherd will love! 😁

German Shepherds, Dry Skin, and Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has many benefits for a German Shepherd with dry skin.

When coconut oil is applied to your German Shepherd’s dry skin its amazing qualities include:

  • antiviral
  • antibacterial
  • antimicrobial
  • antiprotozoal

This means that a German Shepherd with dry skin can use coconut to help with their skin health – which means their coats will improve, too.

It’s not only a natural oil, but it can reduce yeast and fungus on the skin and it’s therapeutic for irritated skin, hot spots, abrasions, and cracked paws. Plus, when applied to the skin it improves your German Shepherd’s coat.

This oil for a German Shepherd’s coat will infuse them with shine!

The Best Coconut Oil for German Shepherd’s Dry Skin

Give your dog one of the naturally best supplements for a German Shepherd’s coat with cold-pressed oil, like the Zesty Paws Coconut Oil for Dogs.

It’s a potent German Shepherd coat supplement sure to enhance your dog’s fur!

Application and supplementation can also help ease symptoms of allergies in GSDs when given routinely. Apply the oil directly to dry, rough skin spots daily until the patch heals, or use a small amount to rub into your dog’s fur to help a German Shepherd with a dull coat.

4. Make their Color Glow with Beta-Carotene

add color to a dull german shepherds coat
You can bring out the color of your German Shepherd’s coat with natural supplements.

Beta-carotene plays a significant role in the intensity of your German Shepherd’s coat color and shine.

The build-up of beta-carotene influences their coat color the same way it gives various fruits and vegetables their vibrant orange-red hues.

The addition of mashed up, boiled baby carrots or plain, canned pumpkin improves and intensifies the red and copper tones of your German Shepherd’s coat.

Besides the benefits of coat color, beta-carotene is an outstanding antioxidant with benefits to eye health. Pumpkin, carrot, and sweet potato are the ideal sources for beta-carotene since they are easy to source, and most GSDs enjoy their taste.

Remember to boil or steam carrots and sweet potatoes so they easily digest.

And only buy pure pumpkin puree – not the pumpkin with spices for pie filling.

Natural Color Enhancing Coat Supplement

Even easier to supplement your German Shepherd’s diet is using ready-made organic canned pumpkin that has no nasties and is safe for your dog to eat daily. 🎃

This organic canned pumpkin is:

  • High in Vitamin A and fiber, which supports healthy digestion and digestive health
  • Suitable for dogs of all life stages, including puppies
  • 100% pure and USDA Organic from local farms
  • High in antioxidants to support overall coat health of your German Shepherd

Use the canned pumpkin on top of their usual food, as a treat on its own, or stuffed inside a Kong. Most GSDs enjoy pumpkin mixed with their dry kibble.

Pumpkin also aids in digestion and soothes upset stomachs.

5. Give Them Zinc for Healthy Skin

zinc supplement for healthy skin
Improve your dog’s skin to give them a shiny coat.

Zinc is a vital mineral for skin and coat health. It helps to improve a dog’s coat by increasing their skin resilience and adding to healthy skin.

Dogs suffering from a zinc deficiency may exhibit poor skin and coat conditions.

Symptoms of a lack of proper zinc levels include:

  • cracked paw pads
  • excessive hair loss
  • lesions around the mouth, eyes, and ears

Zinc, besides other important minerals like copper, improves a dog’s coat if they are not getting enough of these minerals in their diet.

The Best Supplement to Decrease German Shepherd Coat Shedding

Look for a liquid formula supplement that supports skin and coat health with omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, antioxidants and zinc.

You can easily provide this specialized supplement daily with a few pumps of a zinc supplement for your German Shepherd on top of their high-protein food.

This liquid zinc supplement contains:

  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Linoleic acid, which is an essential omega acid that nourishes your dog’s skin and hair
  • And, of course, zinc – a natural mineral needed for healthy fur and coat in dogs

Daily use will support healthy skin and lustrous fur to improve your German Shepherd’s coat.

As an added bonus you’ll be happy to know this zinc supplement…

Even reduces shedding!

This is one of the best German Shepherd coat supplements to decrease hair and fur loss while adding shine.

Not to mention it’s got a German Shepherd-approved taste your dog will love!

6. Brush Your Way to a Shiny Coat

brush your way to a shiny coat
Use a special brush to increase shine.

You can improve your German Shepherd’s shiny coat by using a specialized brush that increases luster.

Use this special smooth and shine detangling brush to help give your dog a tangle-free coat and decrease skin dryness.

The smooth and shine brush:

  • Uses two kinds of bristles for gentle detangling.
  • Is made from natural boar bristles to distribute your dog’s natural oils for healthy shine.
  • Removed dead fur that can cause a dull coat.

And a healthy coat means that your GSD’s fur looks thicker and feels softer. Not to mention, improves shine naturally.

Most German Shepherds readily enjoy a gentle brush. Aim for grooming them at least 3 times a week if you want to make their coat shiny.

And don’t forget to brush more often when they “blow their coats” and their coats appear dull from excessive dead fur build-up.

7. Include a Flaxseed Oil Supplement

flaxseed oil supplement
Use the right oils for your German Shepherd’s coat to keep them shiny.

A combination of flax, fish oil, and antioxidant supplement helps maintain a shiny healthy coat on your GSD. This unique formula also promotes energy levels in your puppy or active dog while helping prevent hot spots and decreasing inflammation.

You can keep your German Shepherd’s coat looking and feeling great using the coat-improving formula found in Canine Shine Skin & Coat Dog Supplement.

Not only does the flaxseed oil formula increase shine daily, but they also quicken recovery time after exercise and support lean muscles in your active, athletic Shepherd.

Key Benefits of Flaxseed Oil for Your German Shepherd’s Coat

  • Helps keep your dog not only looking great, but feeling great!
  • Flaxseed oil adds luster and shine.
  • Supports lean muscles and aids in recovery time after exercise.
  • Helps prevent hot spots and decreases inflammation.
  • Powerful antioxidants help maintain a healthy coat with added thickness.

If your dog is losing its fur these supplements may help give back their healthy coat and decrease associated itching from fur-loss. The special ingredients aid in growing a coat that is soft and silky.

8. Give Them Hemp Oil

hemp oil for german shepherd coat
Consider the many benefits of hemp oil for your German Shepherd’s coat and health.

Using the right supplements for sensitive GSD skin is paramount to keeping their coat resilient.

Choose a premium dietary supplement that features a blend of wild Alaskan salmon and refined virgin hemp seed oils. Hemp packs a powerful punch of nutrients and omega fatty acids.

A hemp supplement helps to support coat health, joint mobility, heart health, reduces stress levels, and may improve immunity.

Simply pump a few drops of this refined virgin hemp and Alaskan salmon oil liquid into your dog’s food and you’ve got a nutrient-boosted meal with the finest quality ingredients.

Key Benefits of Hemp Oil for Your German Shepherd’s Coat

  • Hemp oil adds vital nutrients to your pet’s daily meal to support their skin, coat, hips, and joints.
  • Added health benefits include heart and immune system support.
  • This specialized mix is a holistic, dog-safe food additive for improving coats.
  • An easy-to-use pump takes the hassle out of supplementing your dog’s diet with valuable nutrients.

This mixture of hemp oil is manufactured in the USA inside of FDA-registered facilities to meet your high standards of purity and effectiveness you expect from a hemp oil supplement.

Daily use may also help to calm your GSD and decrease anxiety.

9. Use a Spritz of Silk for Instant Shine and Luster

silk increases your german shepherds shine and luster
A silk spray is quick and easy to apply for instant shine.

Along with daily brushing, include a light spritz of a shine spray with silk proteins.

Silk helps release dead hair because of tangles and adds back in lost moisture to a German Shepherd’s dry skin.

This is especially important in the winter when weather conditions are harsh and drying.

Besides also freshening up your dog’s coat, the shine spray helps to keep dirt off the hair by allowing easy brushing and adding in moisture. Removing the dirt allows the hair to reflect light, which gives dull hair shine.

The best silk shine spray is the well-known Biosilk Shine Spray and Detangler.

This spray is formulated with silk proteins and enriching vitamins that work together to help detangle fur and leave your dog’s coat with a natural, healthy-looking shine.

How to Add Shine to Your Dog’s Coat Immediately

  • Lightly brush out your dog before using the shine spray to remove settled dirt.
  • Spray the shine-enhancing formula on any knots to loosen them.
  • Avoid your dog’s face and the bottom of their paws so they don’t get slippery.
  • Enjoy the lustrous coat and soothing fresh, clean scent. ♥

This formulation can be used after bath for deeper conditioning and shine or in between baths to reduce smells and help with brushing. It’s pH balanced for your dog’s sensitive skin and free from nasty sulfates and parabens.

Quickly and easily enjoy making your German Shepherd’s coat shiny with just a few spritzes of this softening spray.

How to Make a German Shepherd’s Coat Shiny and Healthy

how to make a german shepherd's coat shiny and healthy
Use the checklist below to learn how to make a German Shepherd’s coat shiny and healthy.

In order to improve your German Shepherd’s coat, stick to vet-recommended products and supplements.

If you’re going to treat your German Shepherd’s dull coat at home, use the following:

  • German Shepherd coat supplements with Omega-3’s and Omega-6s
  • Healthy oils, like flax oil, coconut oil, and salmon oil
  • Special brushes to gently distribute your GSD’s natural coat oils and remove dulling dirt and loose fur
  • Supplements to decrease shedding and aid in skin health
  • Regular grooming that removes and tangles and helps keep their skin healthy
  • Quality, name-brand high-protein dog food

While these are not all the ways to improve German Shepherd coat health, they are a safe, natural start to home treatments.

A dull coat might also be a sign of an underlying health issue.

You should find out your dog’s underlying health problems to solve their dull coat problem.

Find Your Dog’s Underlying Health Problems

While there are many great ways to supplement your GSD’s current diet and routine, a poor coat has an underlying cause. Finding this cause helps you choose the correct treatment.

Dogs may have a poor coat because:

  • they eat low-quality food
  • they’re not regularly groomed
  • they’re over washed with stripping chemical products
  • they spend time outdoors in harsh elements
  • they have a medical condition
  • they have allergies
  • they’re stressed

Dandruff, itchy and dry skin, coarse fur, and lackluster coat pigmentation improve with a proper diet and the best supplements with specific nutrients, but other conditions require a veterinary visit and medical treatment.

Bringing out a Beautiful Shine and Thick Coat

Many GSD owners struggle with skin and coat issues.

But it’s totally within your reach to give your dog a gorgeous coat!

A German Shepherd’s thick, shiny coat starts with a nutritious foundation.

And supplements can help when given in moderation and chosen for the quality ingredients that can improve German Shepherd coat and skin health.

With proper coat care, healthy oils, and the best supplements your German Shepherd will make even the highest-paid supermodel mad with hair-envy!

If you’re here, then you enjoy taking excellent care of your dog’s health and you’re sure to enjoy learning about fun games for German Shepherds to exercise their mind and body. 🐾