21 German Shepherd Shedding Solutions (That Make a Difference)

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Are you struggling to find a German Shepherd shedding solution that actually works?

You’re in luck! I’ll show you exactly how to take back your house, clothing, furniture, and sanity with easy-to-use products and actionable steps you can do from the comfort of your home.

Excessive shedding might be a fact of life, but you can learn how to help control hair loss to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy and maintain your sanity from all the cleaning.

Use these practical German Shepherd shedding solutions to find help today.

1. Hempseed Oil

olive and flaxseed oil to reduce shedding

Hemp seed oils contain healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that soothe itchy skin, calm inflammation, decrease dandruff, and add shine to the coat.

And healthy, supple skin means less itchy and less hair loss from a dog that constantly scratches.

You may find this mixture of salmon and flaxseed oil not only helps with your Shepherd’s skin and coat but also increases joint mobility.

2. Switch to Sensitive Dog Food

switch to sensitive dog food

Providing a healthy diet is one of the most effective ways to reduce excessive shedding.

GSDs are also prone to dry skin and allergies, some of which are linked to a lack of quality in their foods.

Look for a sensitive dog food that is easier to digest and absorb, like Purina Pro Plan Sensitive, which is vet-recommended for sensitivities. Quality ingredients reduce shedding and help with dry skin, as the nutrients are more readily available.

 3. Add Moisture Rich Snacks

add moisture rich foods

Moisture-rich foods such as sliced apples, bananas, cucumbers, and fresh carrots help your GSD stay hydrated.

They contain plenty of skin-loving nutrients that keep your dog’s coat smooth and shiny. Healthy, supple skin resists excessive shedding. Feeding these fresh treats decreases hair loss.

Many GSDs love vegetables and fruits of all kinds, just ensure they’re safe for dogs.

4. Zoom Groom Them

blue zoom groom - a brushing and bathing tool

The Zoom Groom is a rubber-tipped, gentle brush that removes loose hair.

If you pet your GSD and the hair flies right off, then your dog needs a Zoom Groom.

The Zoom Groom works on both wet or dry hair (so you can use the tool in the tub) and is well-liked by puppies and dogs who despise brushing. It’s one of my top German Shepherd shedding solutions because it’s so easy to use!

Removing loose hair like a powerful magnet, the Zoom Groom also stimulates capillaries and natural oil production. This stimulation encourages healthy skin and a healthy coat.

5. Brush Daily

brush daily to reduce shedding

Brush your German Shepherd’s coat daily to remove loose and excess fur and distribute natural skin oils.

This means that fur winds up on your brush, which you can throw away, as opposed to your clothing, floors, and furniture, which is harder to clean.

Use a rake brush since they are made for dog breeds with longer hair and thick undercoats. Buy a rake brush with rounded tips that won’t scratch your dog’s skin and is gentle enough for daily use.

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6. Use Specialized Shedding Tools

specialized shedding tools

German Shepherds shed extensively right around the spring, before their winter coat falls off—and again in the fall when the winter coat grows again.

Use specialized shedding tools if you don’t want to wear your dog’s hair like a fur coat!

I’ve had success with the Furminator and find the tool easy to use. There’re different versions—one for shorter hair and one for longer hair—so pick which one works for your GSD.

7. Wash with Moisturizing Shampoos

tropiclean lime and coconut dog shampoo

Keeping your dog’s skin clean helps to decrease hair build-up and shedding.

Use a moisturizing shampoo that adds back natural oils to your dog’s skin to prevent irritation and scratching from developing.

Follow a regular grooming routine for German Shepherds to decrease overall hair loss.

Look for a gentle shampoo with moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, oatmeal, or coconut oil. I found this coconut-infused shampoo to keep my GSD’s skin moist and leave her with a fresh scent (and it’s labeled for deshedding, too!).

8. Check and Treat for Fleas

green arrow check mark

Fleas can cause your dog to scratch continually, which causes the fur to fall out.

So, make sure your dog is free of fleas. A flea-free dog prevents dandruff, irritated skin, and decreases shedding.

9. Use a DeShedding Spray

furminator deshedding spray

After bathing your dog, apply a lightweight deshedding spray to add back moisture and prevent the skin from drying out.

The spray contains conditioners that coat the hair, preventing static and moisturized hair is harder to come loose. The moisture in the spray also keeps your dog from scratching at dry skin, which helps inhibit shedding.

10. Invest in a Good Vacuum (And Use It!)

vacuum cleaner lying on blue rug next to white shoes

I’ve found that a good vacuum saves my floors and furniture.

German Shepherd’s hair sticks into fabrics and cheaper vacuums lack the power to pull the hair out.

Invest in a vacuum with enough power to pull out the dog hair prevents excessive fur from lying around the house and sticking to your clothing or settling into room corners.

11. Blow Dry Your Dog

blow dry your dog

While excessive heat and hot air aren’t good for dogs with dry skin, a pet blow dryer specially made for sensitive dog skin is a great way to blow out the loose fur after a shampoo bath.

Purchase a specialty dog dryer that uses high-velocity air for a powerful deshedding experience.

Don’t use your personal hair dryer as this isn’t powerful enough to blow out loose fur and this direct heat will burn your dog’s skin!

12. Give a Gentle Massage

give a gentle massage

Stress causes hair loss—which directly adds to a shedding problem.

If you want a German Shepherd shedding solution that’s healthy for both you and your dog, try a gentle massage session.

Not only is this relaxing for your dog, but petting a dog is shown to decrease your blood pressure and increases bonding. It’s also a great time to notice any health concerns on their body, like lumps or bumps, sore areas, or unusual smells.

Add in this inexpensive massage mitt for extra hair removal and watch your GSD relax with the massaging action. It’s easy to slip on and doesn’t strip or press against your dog’s delicate coat, so it is great for extra deshedding during massage times.

13. Use Furniture Covers

use furniture covers

While furniture covers won’t directly stop your dog from losing fur, they provide an easy way to remove the excessive hair.

Use furniture covers or large sheets and blankets to drape your furniture and protect the fabric from hair and dirt.

I prefer the sure-fit covers since this model stays on the furniture without moving. This furniture cover also resists spills, smells, and feels soft on my skin.

When it comes time to clean, simply wash, dry, and replace them to get rid of fur that would otherwise have wound up on the floor or stuck into your couch’s crevices.

14. Use Anti Itch Sprays

sulfodene spray for itchy skin and hot spots

Prevent itching and scratching so that your German Shepherd doesn’t drop clumps of hair around your house with a soothing medicinal spray.

If they have a hot spot or dry skin, then apply a light spray of medicated anti-itch treatment to stop them in their tracks from further scratching.

Whenever you see your dog excessively itching, use a few pumps of spray to give their skin needed moisture and prevent future hair loss.

15. Use the Right Brushing Tools

use the right brushing tools

Sharp combs and rough brushes can irritate skin and increase shedding.

Use rounded tip combs and brushes instead and only use enough pressure to get to the underlayer of hair without digging into your dog’s skin.

Harsh brushing will damage your dog’s skin and increase shedding as the hair becomes broken and damaged and it irritates the skin, so go easy on your hand pressure when pulling the brush through the coat.

 16. Explore Natural Coconut Oil

coconut oil in a jar

Coconut oil is popular for a reason—it works!

Not only can you use coconut oil externally on your dog’s skin and fur, but you can also give coconut oil internally.

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If you’re worried about giving your dog oil internally, there’ are plenty of ways to use coconut oil externally that benefit their skin and fur. Read about these techniques in the coconut oil guide.

17. Add Fish Oil

salmon and fish oil

Fish oil also contains long-chain omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA that help promote skin and coat health.

Daily fish oil supplementation helps aid in excessive shedding.

Zesty Paws contains pure, wild Alaskan salmon oil and is great for a healthy coat. Their dosing instructions are easy to understand using their included bottle pump.

A strong coat starts with supple skin that prevents excessive hair loss and protects your GSD from irritations. If you’re seeing excessive hair loss, try salmon oil.

18. Vitamin E Oil

bottle of vitamin e pills

Vitamin E is used to treat dry skin, and dry skin is one of the main reasons for excessive shedding.

You can apply vitamin E oil directly to your dog’s skin or you can give vitamin E pills orally.

Vitamin E also aids in cell function and fat metabolism. If you’re feeding a premium diet, then it’s best to use vitamin E topically since excessive vitamin E is stored in the fat and can build up in the body.

19. Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt in a glass bowl

Greek yogurt contains active cultures that are beneficial to a Shepherd’s digestion and skin.

A healthy digestive tract helps maintain good skin balance and aids in reducing and preventing infections.

Try a small spoonful of plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt on your dog’s meals or as a snack. Most dogs and puppies readily enjoy Greek yogurt and willingly eat it right from a spoon if you wish.

20. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar in glass bottles

Apple cider vinegar is a great solution for treating various skin conditions.

From dandruff to yeast infection, apple cider vinegar is a natural alternative to decrease hair loss and help balance your dog’s skin.

Apple cider vinegar is best used after you’ve already shampooed and rinsed your dog they are still in the tub. Gently pour an equal amount of the apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water over your dog and rub it through their coat, reaching the skin.

Rinse well with plenty of clear water and allow your dog to air dry. The cider smell dissipates as your dog dries and leaves the coat with a shine.

21. Increase Indoor Humidity

blue and white humidifier

Just as your skin becomes drier in the winter or in dry weather, so does your dogs.

A humidifier helps prevent dry skin in dogs, especially dogs that have sensitive skin like our breed.

Place the humidifier in the room where your dog spends most of its time allowing for maximum exposure to the moisture mist. Make sure they can’t trip or knock over the humidifier and it’s in a safe location.

A German Shepherd Shedding Solution That Works for You

Almost all dogs shed their coats to some extent. However, the German Shepherd is a prolific shedder—which means they shed year-round and especially when they blow their coat.

While normal shedding and hair loss is expected, excessive hair fall may indicate an underlying problem that needs vet treatment.

Keep in mind there’s not one shedding solution that works for all owners, but an overall healthy skin and coat program decreases hair loss and makes cleaning your home more manageable. Use these easy tips to add in nutrients made to increase coat health, keep their fur in top shape, and provide itching relief to find a German Shepherd shedding solution that works for your special needs and dog.

Be sure to visit the category page for German Shepherd Care & Grooming for more actionable tips and helpful advice.

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