The Essential Guide to the Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd x Husky Mix)

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Looking for a perfect mix of high energy and intelligence? Perhaps the idea of a German Shepherd mix crossed with a Husky is just the right combination for you. 

The Gerberian Shepsky is a favorite of both Husky and German Shepherd lovers for good reason. He’s alert, intelligent, and playful – all rolled into one! 

Here’s what you need to know about the Gerberian Shepsky to give yourself a head start on living with their larger than life personality. 

Gerberian Shepsky Stats

Size 20″ – 24″ at the withers (shoulders)
Weightaverage 50 – 90 pounds, or even larger
Lifespan10 – 15 years
Exercise Requirements2 hours per day
Ease of Training moderate, but good chances of quick training
Temperamentalert, watchful, playful, intelligent, sweet-natured, and loyal
Energy Level high to very high
Cost of Ownershiphigh, due to their size and need for training
CutenessOff the charts!
Eye Colorsometimes all one color, sometimes a mix of two different colored eyes
Coat Colorblack and white, brown and black, dark to light gray, gold or tan, cream, and numerous combinations of these colors
Health ConcernsGerberian Shepskies suffer from similar health problems that are common to both German Shepherds and Huskies, such as various cancers, hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, and juvenile cataracts

Gerberian Shepsky Temperament

gerberian shepsky temperament
Do you like both a fun-filled personality mixed with a bit of seriousness?

Some crossbreeds and mixes are bred simply for looks, but not so with the Gerberian Shepsky. This mix is a cross between two amazingly hard-working and resilient dogs—the Siberian Husky and the German Shepherd. 

Both breeds are known for their endurance, athleticism, and intelligence. Cross the two and you wind up with a dog that easily has the energy and strength to perform a variety of tough jobs, but is just as happy to enjoy playing with their families or having a good run with their owners.

The Siberian Husky brings its adventurous nature to more stoic German Shepherd Dog, giving you the adorable and fun-filled personality of the Gerberian Shepsky mix.

Husky and German Shepherd Mix Character Traits

gerberian shepsky character
The Siberian Husky has boundless energy, which adds to the Husky-German Shepherd mix character.

Both breeds are well known for their boundless energy and enthusiasm for their work. And the Siberian Husky supplies the Gerberian Shepsky mix an almost bottomless supply of energy that tops off the high-energy nature of the GSD.

A Huskies-German Shepherd mix is built for tough work and rigorous play and needs an owner that understands the Husky mixed with German Shepherd is not a lazy dog that’s happy to be a couch potato! The German Shepherd, with its need for order, leans more toward obedience and duty for their work, while the Husky tends to find whimsy and fun in almost every moment of the day.

Together, the Husky-German Shepherd Dog gets a moderate sense of adventure, yet still aims to be a diligent worker.

Finding a Good Breeder for Your Gerberian Shepsky

When you’re looking for your Huskies-German Shepherd mix, be sure to only contact quality breeders. A big problem in developing new breeds and crossbreed mixes is the inconsistency of the breeding standards.

Don’t get the “cheapest” Husky x German Shepherd you can find from the first breeder willing to sell it. Instead, take your time and interview the breeder. Ask to see their home and meet the parents. Do a thorough review online of the bredder’s information and look for any complaints. 

Gerberian Shepskies are becoming more popular and, as there’s more demand for the Husky-German Shepherd mix, there’s also more breeders willing to skip out on the most basic of breeding standards.

Don’t jump into buying a Gerberian Shepsky and then wind up with a sick dog that costs thousands in medical bills.

Where to buy or adopt mixed-breed Huskies-German Shepherds?

You can ask your vet if they have any recommended breeders. Other options are speaking to dog groomers or dog trainers, who generally are in-the-know of quality mixed breed German Shepherd-Huskies. 

Ask around in community forums on Facebook and online. Never pay for a puppy you haven’t seen on site. And don’t purchase a puppy or dog online and have it transported to you when it’s best to travel and meet the breeder and litter.

Of course, there is always a risk when adopting or buying any mixed breed dog. But, you should do what you can to minimize your financial and emotional loss.

Common Gerberian Shepsky Features

gerberian shepsky features
Notice the icy blue eyes on this Gerberian Shepsky?

A Husky mix with German Shepherd can have a mix of features. However, some of the more consistent features of the Gerberian Shepsky you might expect to see are upright ears, a long nose or snout, and a large, angular face.

The eyes should be bright and can range in colors from light to dark brown, all the way to light blue. Siberian Husky eyes add a level of interest to the darker colored eyes usually seen in the German Shepherd.

If you search hard enough, you may even be able to find a Germberian Shepsky with two eye colors. This is called heterochromia iridum and gives a special look to the Huskies mixed with German Shepherds. 

How big will a Gerberian Shepsky get?

how big does a german shepherd husky mix get
Consider the average size your German Shepherd-Husky mix will get.

The size of the Gerberian Shepsky is anywhere from 20 to 24 inches tall at the shoulders. They can weigh between 50 to 90 pounds.

But, there are cases where a larger breed of Husky is mixed with another large German Shepherd to produce even bigger Gerberian Shepskies! 

Crossing two breeds sometimes give you an unknown puppy, so if you’re worried about the size of a Husky mix with a German Shepherd, then keep this in mind. This means that you’ll need to plan for a powerful and large dog that needs training and care to go along with its enormous size. 

Keep in mind that the average German Shepherd can weigh around 90 pounds, which gives the Husky German Shepherd mix it’s massive size and appeal!

The Gerberian Shepsky Coat and Fur

Both the German Shepherd and Siberian Husky have double coats of fur that help keep them warm in the cooler months and also acts as air conditioning in the summer.

The Gerberian Shepsky mix will also have a double coat that is thick and provides protection. Originally, the Husky was a dog native to cold temperatures, and the GSD is known to walks hours through snowy banks to keep watch over their flocks.

Contrary to what you might have read, your Husky German Shepherd mix will do quite well in cold weather but is also capable of living warmer temperatures due to their double coat’s ability to regulate their body heat (As long as you don’t shave them!). 

Do Gerberian Shepsky’s shed a lot?

Huskies German Shepherd mixes do shed and are considered a moderate to high shedder. If you’re keen on a tidy house, then know that you will find their fur on your floors, clothing, furniture and sometimes piling up in corners of your home.

In warmer climates, the shedding is worse as their bodies and coats lose their fur frequently to deal with the hotter weather. Be prepared to give a thorough and good brushing at least three times a week to help keep this shedding under control.

Is the Gerberian Shepsky a Hypoallergenic Breed?

If you’re an allergy sufferer then the Gerberian Shepsky is not a good choice as a companion. Because of their double coat and the moderate to high shedding, the fur from their skin may irritate your allergies more than usual.

On top of this, their thick coats track in pollen and dust from the outdoors more easily, and their skin’s dander can cause airways to become irritated or inflamed.

A Coat of Many Colors: The Range of Gerberian Shepsky Colors

gerberian shepsky colors
Huskies-German Shepherd mixes can range in their coat colors since the Husky has such a broad choice.

A Husky mix with German Shepherd can produce a wide range of colors. There’s such a wide variety of coat colors due to the nature of crossing two different breeds. You can guess at the coat colors based on the parents and having a knowledge of what type of Husky mix with German Shepherd puppies the parents tend to produce.

But even a GSD puppy can change their colors as they mature, and there are no guarantees with mixes, especially a German Shepherd Husky mix! 

The most popular colors for the Gerberian Shepsky are black and white, various depths of browns, shades of gray, gold (ranging from light to dark golden), and cream (sometimes with darker tips on the ears, nose, and chest).

There is also any combination of these gorgeous colors – giving the German Shepherd Husky mix a beautiful rainbow to choose from. 

The Athlete Within: Energy Levels of the Gerberian Shepsky

The Gerberian Shepsky is an energetic dog full of excitement and a need to play and move their athletic bodies!

Consider the high-energy levels of the GSD mixed with the athleticism of the Siberian Husky and you have a dog willing and ready for a full day’s of work with an equally strong drive to complete a variety of jobs and tasks. 

It’s best to find a job for the Gerberian Shepsky to give them a purpose and keep their behaviors in check. If you’re more of a lazy homebody, this isn’t the dog for you. 

However, if you prefer long hikes, swimming outdoors, and fun adventures then you’ll have a happy and fit companion to keep you company. Your Gerberian Shepsky is an athlete and needs plenty of time and space to keep them healthy and give them a chance to burn their energy.

Exercise and your Gerberian Shepsky

Without the right amount of exercise, your Gerberian Shepsky may become bored. And a bored German Shepherd Husky mix is just asking for trouble! They may become disobedient, destructive, and develop other nuisance, unwanted behaviors.

A Siberian Husky is born to work, and a German Shepherd is born to move – don’t neglect your mixed breed’s need to take an active part in their world! 

Aim to spend at least an hour each day exercising your Gerberian Sehpsky. But, don’t forget to include a variety of exercises and a good routine to keep your German Shepherd Husky mix happy. Simulate their bodies and their minds, and be sure they have safe activities they enjoy when you’re away.

Can a Gerberian Shepsky live indoors?

While the Gerberian Shepsky is quite happy living indoors with you, they do need plenty of time to burn off their high energy. This means they’ll need time outdoors, preferably in large open spaces to run and play.

And many apartments band the German Shepherd Dog and its mixes, so that means apartments might not accept your German Shepherd Husky mix. You and your Gerberian Shepsky will be most comfortable with access to a large yard that allows room to run, as well as time spent outdoors.

Brain and Braun: Gerberian Shepsky Training 

While Siberian Huskies are known to be ready to work and move, they’re not considered as easily trainable as the German Shepherd. Luckily, the GSD mixed in gives you an advantage when training the Gerberian Shepsky.

With your German Shepherd Husky mix, you will find they are apt to please you but may take more time to learn their basic obedience and can be strong-willed. The key is to start training your Gerberian Shepsky early as a puppy and to stay consistent in your training and expectations.

When training your Gerberian Shepsky, remember that you must first meet their energy needs and stick to a healthy exercise plan to keep their minds from becoming bored and to give them a release of all their energy. 

Train your Husky German Shepherd mix daily. Use mental games and teach them new tricks to help them learn different skills and avoid bad behaviors. 

The Diet of the Gerberian Shepsky

Your Gerberian Shepsky is a working breed and needs a high-quality diet. But the amount of calories they eat depends on how active they are and how much time you spend exercising with them.

You’ll want to feed your Gerberian Shepsky the right amount of calories so they neither lose or gain weight when they are mature adults. A German Shepherd Husky mix will generally be a large dog that eats a higher calorie diet when a puppy. You can supplement those calories with healthy treats, but only when the treats don’t make up more than 10% of their diets.

Keep in mind the calories from the treats you will use when training your Gerberian Shepsky. These treats still count for their overall calories. Only use tiny, pea-sized portions of treats. 

Your Gerberian Shepsky’s body should look athletic – strong and lean. And never thin or bony. His body is described as sturdy, with firm muscles.

The Gerberian Shepsky Lifespan

The Gerberian Shepsky has a life expectancy of 10 – 15 years, which can be longer with proper health checkups and excellent home care.

Provide the right types of healthy exercise, along with a high-quality diet, and give your Husky mix with German Shepherd puppy the best start in life by choosing a responsible breeder with the right medical and health checkups. 

Gerberian Shepsky Health Concerns 

You should be alert to health concerns that are possible in the Gerberian Shepsky. Because this breed is mixed with the Siberian Husky and GSD, the Gerberian Shepsky tends to have a mixture of health problems from both of their parents.

This is why you need to buy your puppy from an ethical breeder. Be on the lookout for these possible health problems down the road with your puppy.

Elbow and Hip Dysplasia

Unfortunately, the GSD and the Siberian Husky are prone to elbow and hip dysplasia. This means that a Huskies German Shepherd mix will also be susceptible to this health problem. 

An ethical breeder will provide you health records for both of the parents, and you could see the genetic prevalence of elbow and hip dysplasia within the lineage of your Gerberian Shepsky’s parents.

If you’re visiting your vet for health checkups on a regular basis you should have your Gerberian Shepsky checked regularly early signs of this joint issue so you can take proactive steps.


Certain cancers are known to be carried by both the GSD and Siberian Husky breeds. But don’t let this scare you since choosing the right breeder can help avoid cancer risks. 

There are also new breakthroughs in cancer detection and testing hitting the markets every year, which means you have a good chance of finding and fighting this dreaded disease early.

Juvenile Cataracts

Juvenile cataracts are a known health issue in the German Shepherd Husky mix. You should watch out for cloudiness in your Gerberian Shepsky’s eyes and stick to your routine vet visits. 

There are some surgeries and medications that can help with cataracts, but an early exam is important. Watch for any eye problems your dog might experience, including bumping into things or stumbling in areas they’re familiar with. 

Is the Gerberian Shepsky A Good Match for You?

Ultimately, only you can answer the question if the Gerberian Shepsky is right for you.

If you’ve made it this far and still are curious about the German Shepherd Husky mix then this breed is worth exploring as a good match for you.  

He’s an active breed that requires an equally active owner. And he’ll need plenty of obedience training to keep his behavior in check. Plus, this isn’t a dog that can survive on the cheapest dog food available – he needs a premium food for his premium athletic ability. 

Be honest with yourself about how much time and money you have to care for a German Shepherd mixed with Husky…

Do you love brushing your dog and grooming them daily, taking long hikes or scenic runs, daily obedience sessions and training, and a furry body that leaves hair all over you and your home? 

Then congratulations, the Gerberian Shepsky may be just the best friend you’ve been searching for!