Brain Training for Dogs Review: Was it Worth My Money?

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In the next few minutes, you’ll read an in-depth overview of Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs Review to see if this dog training program will REALLY work for your dog…

And the best part?

I’m a dog trainer and owner of 3 different dog breeds and will give you an honest review so you can find out if this unique training course is the right system for you.  

What is Brain Training 4 Dogs?

what is brain training for dogs?

While they may be man’s best friend, they don’t all come well-trained with perfect house behaviors. There are dog owners around the world who really need help with training their dogs, and many don’t know where to turn or what programs are the best fit for them.

That’s where Brain Training 4 Dogs comes in!

Brain Training 4 Dogs uses both an obedience training component as well as scientifically-based brain training to help improve dog behavior. This includes decreasing and eliminating behavior problems and other obedience problems dogs exhibit. 

This type of training is shown to work for all ages of dogs and is especially useful for puppy training!

Benefits of using dog mind training:

  • Increases trust
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Speeds up learning
  • Improves confidence levels

While some dog professionals neglect play and games and harp on obedience behavior only, Adrienne Farricelli’s top-rated dog training includes games as an integral part of training dogs. 

Think about it this way…

Do you learn better when it’s the same boring routine over and over again, without hope of reward, games, or your favorite hobbies or toys?

No, you don’t.

The same is true for your dog. They want to have fun and, as we all know, adding in a component of fun increases your dog’s attention to learning.


It’s fun for you too!

What is the best brain training for dogs?

what is the best brain training for dogs?

The best brain training for dogs is a system that includes both brain games for dogs and basic obedience skills using training videos so that you can follow along and see how a professional dog trainer teaches. These videos teach step-by-step how brain games are played.

And, while I’ve read many brain training books, the videos really help provide a great way to understand how the games are played. While brain training books are wonderful tools to have, videos speak volumes when dog training!

This type of dog brain training system gives you and your dog the best of both worlds…

Skills to listen to you and…

Brain exercises for dogs are fun! 

The powerful combination packs a punch into your tired, boring basic obedience routine.

Does this sound like your dog

They behave like you want during training sessions but later become completely unpredictable in situations or act like you never trained them at all! They like to show their bad behaviors in front of people, especially your judgy neighbors next door!

This was my German Shepherd!

And, you know German Shepherds are powerful breeds that can easily overtake their handlers when not trained correctly. 

So, what does this mean when it comes to brain-training games for dogs? 

What it means is that…

We know more now about dog psychology than we ever have, and new effective dog training methods like Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs course use the latest in these scientific discoveries for your dog’s training. 

This unique dog training method has three main benefits:

  • Your dog actively seeks your attention in positive ways that help them to listen to you.
  • Your dog follows commands more reliably without using outdated dominance and force.
  • Challenging games give your dog a brain workout that helps keep them coming back for more!

Let’s take a deeper look inside my Brain Training for Dogs review and see what the program offers.

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What’s inside the program and the member’s login area? 

what's inside the program and member's login area?

I bought the most recent version of the program for this brain training for dogs review and here’s what you’ll get with your purchase:

  • Access to an exclusive member’s area that’s easy to follow with each step having its own description and training video
  • Guide for behavior training to help eliminate common problem behaviors (like jumping)
  • Cutting-edge, scientifically-researched information all in one convenient place
  • Case studies to help explain how to get the dog behavior you want (from a soon-to-be service dog that has behavior problems)
  • Force-free, positive training that actually encourages the behaviors you want!

and, as an added bonus and one of my favorites of this review…

  • “Ask Adrienne”, a place to direct message your questions about brain training from a top-rated professional dog expert!

Trainer’s Tip: When seeking help, most dog owners don’t know where to go for the right type of advice. But “Ask Adrienne” makes this easy! Simply ask a professional dog trainer your most pressing question about brain training for dogs!

As long as you have an internet connection, you can log into the member’s area from anywhere in the world. Which makes your dog’s training even more convenient for busy owners.

Oh, and did I mention…

There’s a new community forum for discussing your dog’s program that you can visit from time to time to get advice and help from other members. You can review other members’ concerns and help if you want to contribute.

How does Brain Training for Dogs work and help me?

Brain Training 4 Dogs uses a set of 21 exciting games for your dogs, as well as the 5-course modules that are taught as a series leading you from easiest to advanced training. This is all planned out in the form of conventional education.  

  • Preschool
  • Elementary School
  • High School
  • University (College)
  • Graduation

and the most difficult dog brain training…

  • Einstein (super-genius level!)

Just watch what your dog will be able to do with training and patience!

Each lesson is set up in the same way, so you know what to expect.

  • Introduction: At the beginning of every lesson you’ll see the supplies you need and the main objective of the lesson.
  • How to train: This section offers you step-by-step directions on how to train your dog to the desired action or behavior.
  • Troubleshooting problems: Here Adrienne explains what you might have issues with if you’re not getting the behavior you want and offers solutions and quick fixes to the issue.
  • Increasing the challenge: You’ll need this part to reinforce the behavior you’ve just taught and to make the action a transferable skill that you can use in other training.
  • The exam: Get ready to test your dog’s skills and see what they’ve learned. This part lets you know how well your companion has mastered the training or if they need a bit more encouragement.

Now let me tell you about each level and module so you have a better idea of all the exciting training you’re in for…

Modules: Brain Training 4 Dogs Review

what to expect with Adrienne Farricelli's brain training 4 dogs courses

The course is set up in an easy-to-understand sequence. Each of the previous lessons and games builds upon each other.

So, if you try to jump to a higher level, such as University, but you haven’t finished the Elementary series, then success will be harder to reach.

You must go in order and complete the previous modules in order to see real results.

Each training module uses an introduction page that contains links for each lesson that you’ll need for that particular module. Such an organized setup makes it easy for you to follow along and see your next steps.

Each lesson includes a list of what things you’ll need at the top of the page so you’re not stepping away and looking for items when you should be training. There are easy navigation buttons on each page to help you progress to the next lesson, or return to a previous lesson if you need a refresher.

Do you like helpful tips that are easy to understand and read?

Then you’ll love how Adrienne has set up the program! 

Useful details, like training tips, are at the end of every lesson. And you simply have to hover your mouse over unknown glossary terms to see a helpful definition. 

It’s so easy! 

Sometimes online programs have a tiny font and a monotone color scheme. But not Brain Training 4 Dogs! 

Fonts are large and easy to read with many pictures and diagrams to describe the exercises and help you understand what you need to do to learn the lesson in the module. Different colors really make text that is useful to stand out. 

You can even print out the glossary if you find reading printed information easier for you.

I wanted those with apprehensions about their dog’s abilities to get a really solid review of Brain Training For Dogs, so I broke down each module into detail so that you could look over the actual content offered.

What’s a review without giving you the finer points about the program, right? 

Here’s how the courses and modules breakdown in my Brain Training for Dogs review guide.


You’ll need to read the materials provided to begin your dog’s brain training. These materials help you to understand what to expect, how to implement the program, and the basics of dog training. 

The Introduction is meant to set you up for success, so don’t over this module! 

Obedience Lessons

Following the Introduction are the basic Obedience lessons. These lessons are easy to understand because Adrienne offers you multiple ways to train for many of the lessons. So, if your dog doesn’t catch on one way, don’t give up! 

You can choose the way that works best for your dog’s learning. A few of the modules use props or things you mostly have already, to help you train if you’re going at this program alone.

Module 1 Preschool

This is the key foundation module for the whole course and the first module after Obedience. In Preschool your dog learns how to draw on his impressive brainpower to become reliably obedient to your commands. 

Inside the Preschool module, you’ll learn these essential skills: 

  • ‘Target Train’  so they keep their attention on you (but you can also use ‘targeting’ to teach other tricks, like opening a door for you!). Line 2
  • A secret way to help your dog learn to look right into your eyes for a solid communication foundation.
  • The beginning of the brain training games with the ‘airplane game’ is to get your dog to look into your eyes and pay attention to you. Line 5

Trainer’s Tip: If you can master the ‘airplane game’ to get your dog making eye contact when indoors, then imagine what type of attention you can command outdoors!

Module 2 Elementary School

After your dog masters her foundation training it’s time to improve her abilities! This module gets your dog prime to use her senses to follow your commands.

The fun-filled brain games included are: 

  • ‘Treasure Hunting’ game to relieve boredom and increase mental awareness (this game reduces problem behaviors).
  • Another fun game to keep your dog out of trouble using mental stimulation is called ‘the muffin game’.
  • And finally, ‘the ball pit game’ increases your dog’s exercise while tackling their high energy.

Trainer’s Tip: These games require some supplies and other things that you’ll probably have on hand. For example, tennis balls and a muffin tin. You may want to also purchase some higher value treats and rewards if your dog is harder to motivate during training.

Module 3 High School

Of course, after Elementary, High School comes next. Get ready for more challenging games to teach your dog! 

Want to learn how to calm your dog down on cue?

Then you’ll love these exciting games:

  • The ‘jazz up and settle down’ teaches your dog how to settle down after quickly being hyped up. 
  • The ‘bottle game’ gives your dog a chance to explore their paw-to-eye coordination while improving mental focus and awareness. 
  • If you want your dog to improve their confidence around water, then try the ‘bobbing for treats’ game.

I enjoyed this section because teaching your dog how to calm down on cue enables you to have more control of your dog when outdoors in public, or as the beginning of teaching more advanced commands and games.

Looking for scent work games to take advantage of your pet’s inner tracker?

You’ll find them in this module where the foundation of scenting is covered. Scent work engages your dog’s mind and exercises his body, but more than that…

It gives your dog a job to do so they have a purpose.

Oh, and it’s fun to boot!

Module 5 University (College)

Looking for even more excitement and brain game challenges? 

Then take a peek at the University module where you’ll learn to improve your dog’s motor skills and concentration level.

At University you’ll learn:

  • How to develop your dog’s mental agility with the ‘shell game.’
  • How to improve calmness and patience using ‘open sesame’.
  • Increasing dexterity and patience with the ‘magic carpet game’.

This module also continues the scent work portion, so if you enjoy scent games there’s more to work with during University. 

Trainer’s Tip: While ‘open sesame’ sounds like a funny name it’s a lifesaver! Teaching your dog how to wait patiently and not dart through an open door will save their lives! Impulse control is a critical behavior skill.

Module 6 Graduation

Get ready to put on your dog’s thinking cap for Graduation! It’s a fun, but challenging and rewarding, module for advanced puppies and dogs. 

Developing advanced motor skills and using your dog’s superior intelligence to obey your every command through complicated (but attainable) training.

Amaze your friends with these advanced-level skills:

  • ‘Name recognition’ games where your dog is so smart they know the names of all their toys.
  • Advanced leg-weaving skills that’ll have your head spinning from all your dog’s turns and pivots.
  • A really impressive ‘serpentines and spirals’ game to get your dog to stick to your like glue

If you don’t think you’re ready for this action-packed brain training, then simply stick to the previous module for a bit and do some retraining. You’ll need to know all of the foundations in the previous levels before progression or your dog won’t learn. 

Don’t rush the training and you’ll have greater success!

Module 7 Einstein (genius-level training games)

Ever wanted a dog that’s smarter than your sister’s kids? 

Well, now you can have him with genius-level dog brain training.

Stick with the training and your dog will learn to:

  • Play the piano (not like Mozart, but could be close)
  • Stack colorful rings better than your best friend’s new baby
  • And even how to pick up his own toys (why don’t they include how to fold laundry in this module?)

Trainer’s Tip: Wondering how these brain games actually help you? A smart dog is a dog that’s better behaved, responds to your commands, and is reliable! They aren’t just games, they’re life-teaching skills to improve your relationship with your dog.

But wait a minute…

You’ll also get 7 training videos for awesome tricks, like:

  • Dance
  • Shake hands
  • Take a Bow
  • Play dead
  • Rollover
  • Cover your Eyes (‘Shame on You’)
  • and Howl on command!

There’s also all the basic obedience training: 

  • drop it
  • sit
  • stay
  • come
  • heel and…

so much more!

Don’t wait another minute to train your dog. Every day that passes is a missed opportunity! Think of all the places you could go with your well-behaved, brain trained dog…

Wondering how you’ll train your puppy?

That’s why I wanted to be extra-through in my review on Brain Training for Dogs so that new puppy owners know they’ll get all they need to train their new puppy with ease.

With this amazing and easy program you’ll be able to teach your puppy:

  • How to master potty training like a pro
  • Proper socialization skills to avoid later issues
  • and how to live through all puppy-growing behaviors!

You won’t feel like you’ve been scammed when you see all that you get for a one-time payment! 

And Adrienne Faracelli’s program works by using only positive dog training.

Positive dog training can help you by instilling confidence in your shy or reactive dog, helping to add calmness and direction to energetic dogs that have trouble listening, and improving your bond and relationship with a dog that may be hard to handle or seen as a troublemaker.

What is positive dog training, you ask?

It’s this…

Positive Dog Training 

Positive dog training is all about science-based training. This means that professionals and scientists have studied certain training techniques and found them critical for owners to look for when reviewing an online program for their dogs. 

As a positive trainer, I can tell you that I’ve seen this force-free approach work for many dogs, including those that were deemed untrainable by their owners. Some of you reading this can think of a famous dog trainer that uses a “pack theory” approach, as well as dominance and force to get a dog to behave. 

Don’t let all those Hollywood lights trick you into believing that you must also follow this more aggressive training. Recent evidence demonstrates that “pack theory” training isn’t the most effective approach to dog training.

In fact, it can cause a breakdown in your and your dog’s relationship that may increase stress and bad behaviors. There are other ways to improve your dog’s behavior and attitude besides dominance and force!

I firmly believe that keeping your dog mentally stimulated is crucial to preventing and even eliminating undesired behaviors. 

Have you heard the saying that “bored dogs are bad dogs”? 

Well, it’s true! 

Don’t let your dog get bored, or they’ll find new things to do that you won’t like!

The games used in the program positively arouse your dog’s mind as well as her body. 

So, positive training with brain games for your dog uses a holistic approach (with both obedience and mental games) to improve your relationship with your dog. 

That’s the underlying principle that the program is built upon.

>>>You can sign up for the course for a one-time fee that includes so much more than you’d get from a basic obedience course.<<<<

Who is Adrienne Faricelli?

Adrienne Faricelli is a world-renowned positive-based dog trainer.

She’s been on nationwide programs and is a published author for many high and top-rated sites, such as:

  • Daily Puppy
  • Nest Pets
  • USA Today
  • E-how
  • and Paw Nation!

She’s worked with dogs for more than 10 years and is a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant. She routinely works with dogs who go on to be used as therapy and service animals. 

Adrienne Faricelli has written for professional publications such as the APDT Chronicle of the Dog and Every Dog magazine.

She’s a highly trusted dog trainer that holds multiple certifications in dog training, such as the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants, as well as CPDT-KA in the United States.

All of this means she’s highly trained to help your dog! 

Is Brain Training for Dogs worth my money?

Is Brain Training for Dogs worth my money?

Let’s look at what the program is going for and compare the pricing to your local dog trainer. 

Brain Training for Dogs Pricing (at time of review) $67.

One time.

No hidden charges.

No monthly fees. 

But I’m not sure how long the price will be this low due to the high demand for this type of training. Plus, I read on a few other websites there’s talk of making her program a monthly subscription service.

Adrienne is running a special launch price which may end soon…

This means you want to lock in the low pricing while it’s still available! 

You can see more information at the official Brain Training 4 Dogs website.

The website also doesn’t offer any other coupons or discounts, so if you see anyone offering such coupons know this isn’t correct since the price is already set at the low, opening launch price.

Do you know what one of your local dog trainers charges? 

course price versus local dog trainer price
*Bored dogs tend to eat couches and other furniture, so think of how much you’ll save with training.

I can tell you that depending on their experience the lowest I’ve seen trainers are around $30 an HOUR! 

But, you could easily expect to pay up to $350 per hour if your city is larger and trainers are in high demand.

Not to mention that’s just for one session!

The full report on German Shepherd training costs can be found here:

How Much Does It Cost To Train A German Shepherd? (The Shocking Truth)

Using this Brain Training 4 Dogs review you can see that this isn’t a scam. It’s a convenient way to increase your dog’s good behaviors and attention while having fun…

for one low price. 

Right now, Adrienne is also including her FREE bonus course: Behavior Training for Dogs if you purchase today!! 

It’s an amazing bonus that focuses particularly on some of the most common (and annoying) doggy behavior issues. Not only does the bonus course explain why they occur, but she also shows you what to do to finally STOP them once and for all! 

As a professional dog trainer, Adrienne lets you in on dog training secrets that the professionals use to correct frustrating behavior issues and end them for good. I’d pay for this bonus all by itself, but if you buy today Adrienne throws her years of experience for free! 

Before you leave to check out the program and make the purchase, let’s go over some of the most popular questions I’ve received…

Top Brain Training 4 Dogs Review Questions

Is this a scam?

Nope, not at all. It’s a legitimate training program that I’ve used to train my own dogs with success. Even a hard-to-train German Shepherd! But, it’s just as fun and easy for my energetic Cockapoo. 

Is Brain Training for Dogs worth my money?

It’s a one-time payment of only $67. You probably won’t find a trainer in your area who has a complete obedience training course for one hour for this price. So, yes, using the program is worth my money and I continue to train with it.

Can any dog learn with this program?

Absolutely! I’ve tested it on my dogs and they’re very different. Plus, the modules are set up so that you progress at your own speed and your dog builds upon their previous training. So, don’t skip any modules or lessons!

Is there a money-back guarantee? 

Yes, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee. If you’re not completely happy you can get a refund within 60 days. But I doubt you’ll be unhappy unless you choose not to train your dog at all. 

My Final Verdict: Brain Training for Dogs Review

my final verdict on the review

Brain Training 4 Dogs Training helped me figure out and solve some of my dog’s problems, like excessive barking, by using positive-only training. If I can train a stubborn German Shepherd, then any owner with patience and a bit of time can too! 

In my review, I covered nearly every detail of the training program to give you a great overview of the program before you make a purchase. I want you to be happy when you buy Brain Training 4 Dogs because it’s a wonderful, force-free way to break your dog off her bad habits while having both you and your dog look forward to fun training! 

Wherever you’re at with training your dog, this course is a lifesaver.

You don’t have to be frustrated with your dog anymore! Take advantage of a low-cost program that delivers game-changing results.

Don’t miss the opportunity to bond with your dog, increase their attention and obedience, and be the envy of all your neighbors and friends.

Check out the official Brain Training for Dogs learning system right now!

Yes, you can have the dog of your dreams if you’re only willing to work a little each day for it! 

Know any other dogs that could use a little training while having fun with their owners? Share it!