The 7 Best Head Collars for German Shepherds (for Easier Walks)

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you already knew the best head collar for German Shepherds to give you complete control of your walk?

Imagine finally enjoying a satisfying stroll through your neighborhood enjoying the warm sun with a smile on your face and an obedient dog at your side!

This specially prepared list shows you the right options for your specific breed to get that picture-perfect walk.

All you have to do is pick a head collar from the most dependable options hand-picked for you below.

How to Choose the Best Head Collars for Your German Shepherd

how to choose the best head collar for your german shepherd

A head halter allows you to have control of your dog’s head and prevents pressure on your dog’s trachea when your dog pulls.

Simply put, it helps with dogs that pull and gives you more control without as much effort, making your walks more effortless.

When looking for the best headcollar for your German Shepherd, make sure:

  • they’re comfortable wearing the head halter
  • to select a model that is durable
  • look for strong clips and thick webbing for safety

You know what your dog likes and I’m sure you’ll make the best decision for them.

After you select the best fitting model from the list below, keep reading to find the tips and tricks that will help you enjoy walking your German Shepherd again.

Work with your dog on loose leash walking manners and be sure they understand their basic German Shepherd commands. A head collar is a useful tool, but it won’t solve all your problems on its own.

However, many dog humane societies, like the Louisiana SPCA state that the best option for strong pullers is the head collar. The VCA Animal Hospital supports head halters as a humane way to control a powerful breed.

1. Pet Safe Premier: Strong Enough for Large Breeds & Gentle Enough for Puppies

pet safe easy walk headcollar

If you’ve just gotten a German Shepherd puppy, then now’s the time to take control of your pack walks using a head collar that’s safe for puppies as young as 8-weeks-old (but strong enough for adults).

The Pet Safe Premier Gentle Leader Halter has been around for a long time for good reason.

With dogs of all sizes, shapes, and ages, the product has a long history of proven success. If you’ve never tried a head halter, then this brand is for you. There’s an instructional DVD to get you started on the correct way to introduce your dog to wearing a halter included for free.


  • The collar sits high on your dog’s neck and doesn’t put pressure on the throat which prevents choking and coughing.
  • Safe to use on puppies as young as 8 weeks old.
  • Converts to a regular collar if needed.
  • Padded nose piece offers less fur wear and skin irritations.

The halter places more pressure on your dog’s shoulders, instead of their face, and lessens or stops lunging. The reinforced padded nose strap is gentle on your German Shepherd’s sensitive skin and helps your dog enjoy wearing it.

2. Halti: Double-Duty Headcollar and Soft Muzzle

halti dog head collar

Halti is a name brand that’s known in the dog training industry.

Their head halter has no metal parts that come in contact with your dogs’ skin.

This model sits further down the nose and away from the eyes. The Halti Dog Headcollar offers the handler additional perks.


  • It is usable as both a passive means to stop your dog from lunging and pulling or as an active training aid to teach nice walking manners.
  • Dual-action: features on-off muzzling to close your dog’s jaws for training.
  • Unlike the Gentle Leader listed earlier, you cannot “lock” the muzzle band, so it tightens down when the dog pulls but loosens when they relax. Many owners prefer this correction.

The Halti is also washable and fully adjustable. If you want a training tool that offers dual-action muzzling and self-correcting action, then purchase the Halti brand to suit your needs.

3. Halti OptiFit: For All Shapes and Lengths of Faces

halti optifit headcollar

If you think you might have a challenge fitting your Shepherd for a head halter, then consider the Halti Optifit.

The Halti Optifit is especially for dogs with longer noses that traditional headcollars don’t fit and slip off their faces.

The halter includes a self-adjusting chin strap and specially designed cheek straps that follow the contours of your dog’s face. It won’t slide down the nose and bothers your dog’s eyes less.


  • Suits hard to fit dogs
  • Doesn’t push into your dog’s eyes
  • Reflective cheek straps increase night visibility for added safety
  • Chinstrap self-adjusts, meaning if your dog puts pressure and tension on the collar the chin strap tightens for a correction – when they release their tension the chin strap loosens

If you’re concerned about fitting your dog or German Shepherd mix breed into a head halter, try the Optifit model first. Many owners also prefer a self-adjusting chin strap, so their dog doesn’t feel pressure when they walk nicely and don’t pull.

4. Walk’n Train Dog Halter: For Added Safety

walk'n train safety head halter

This halter is one of the few models on the market with an added safety strap.

The Walk’n Train Dog Head Halter keeps your dog safe in case your dog pulls the halter off their face.

The provided safety strap attaches their collar and keeps your dog from escaping from you. So, it connects your dog to your leash, saving you from having to chase your dog if they escape the headcollar!


  • Self-correcting chin strap only tightens when your dog pulls but rewards them once they stop as the strap loosens
  • Added safety strap attaches for extra security to your dog’s collar
  • A heavy-duty release makes taking on and off the halter easy
    Padded noseband for comfort and less rubbing

The heavy-duty quick-release is great for owners who are on the go frequently and need a speedy way to secure their dog safely. This model also self-corrects so there’s no pressure on your dog’s nose when they walk in a good heel position.

5. Kurgo Snout About: The Gentle, Comfortable Head Collar

Kurgo Snout About headcollar

Popular for dog training and owners new to head halters, the Kurgo Snout About Head Halter is often used as an alternative to a traditional head halter, gentle leader, or no-pull harness.

Owners find this easier to use and take on and off, and some dogs prefer not having a chin strap connection to their collar. The face and nose straps are almost double the width of regular headcollars for more comfortable wearing experience for your German Shepherd.

This is a gentle alternative to other traditional headcollar models mentioned in this article, but the strap is still strong enough to prevent unwanted behavior in large breed dogs.


  • Reflective ribbon for an additional night safety
  • Easy on/off
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Strong nylon webbing with comfortable padding
  • Extra-wide straps for added comfort

The Kurgo face halter is easier to wear for many dogs. If you don’t want to deal with attaching the halter to a collar, then this model suits you best. The strap attaches directly to your leash to provide control during walks.

6. PetSafe Gentle Leader Chic Dog Headcollar & Leash: The Complete Training Package

Gentle Leader complete head halter training package

The Gentle Leader Headcollar Complete Training package is best for first-time head halter users.

The set includes the head halter, matching leash and instructional book and DVD.

If you’re worried you might need step-by-step help to get you started with using a head halter, then this is for you. It’s also a perfect gift for a new German Shepherd puppy owner!


  • Best for those owners who need extra help in using the head halter
  • Chic designs for those who prefer patterns over typical black
  • Neoprene padded nose strap for added comfort
  • Provides gentle control to your dog’s neck, reducing choking and throat pressure

The DVD is packed full of helpful hints, especially on how to help your dog get used to wearing the halter. The book and DVD are easy to understand and put to use in real-world scenarios and are both included for free as part of the set. If you’re a visual learner this will definitely help you understand training your dog with the headcollar.

7. Sporn Head Control: For Extreme Leash Pullers

Sporn headcollar on a German Shepherd

The Sporn head control dog halter is unique by design. Traditional head halters wrap under both the top and bottom of the muzzle.

But the Sporn model only covers the top of the muzzle and integrates the rest of the halter into the collar. This headcollar is more easily tolerated by sensitive dogs who don’t like wearing the Halti models.


  • Padded nose bridge to offer less rubbing and irritation
  • Easy fit for energetic dogs and busy moving puppies
  • Halter converts quickly to a neck collar only giving this halter multiple uses
  • The special design has less pressure on your GSD’s face and is more comfortable for them to wear than a traditional head halter

If you’ve tried a traditional halter that didn’t work, then give the Sporn a try as it’s built with a larger nose piece that helps many dogs wear it more easily than other traditional headcollars.

Head Collar Training Tips

german shepherd head collar training tips

Many dogs readily accept their new halter, but some dogs find them uncomfortable if they’re not introduced properly to wearing them. 

It’s a wise idea to introduce your dog slowly to using this new tool following the tips provided.

Training Your German Shepherd to Wear the Headcollar

  • Use the tool in a positive way – don’t use it for punishment or to get your dog to stop barking as that’s not what it’s designed for.
  • Even the best head collars for German Shepherds take time and patience to learn to use appropriately.
  • Don’t jerk your dog around by the leash with the head collar attached since this can cause injury to your dog.
  • Use only gentle guidance to coax your dog to follow you or guide your dog in the direction you want to go.
  • The headcollar is not meant to prevent barking. Your GSD should still freely open their mouth to pant, drink water, or take small treats from you.
  • Try introducing your dog with treats to the halter. Give them a treat for sniffing the halter, another for letting you put it on them for a few seconds and then take it off.
  • Keep repeating this procedure until you’ve worked up to a few minutes of them wearing the halter indoors. Then take them on a 5-minute walk to see how they react.

Understand this tool may take longer for some owners than others. Keep working in very short increments with your dog to acclimate them to the halter.

Use all these tips to help your dog adjust to the new tool. Have patience and stick with the training. 

Eventually, with positive training, your dog adjusts to the halter and becomes more enjoyable to walk.

The best headcollar for German Shepherds is one that allows you to have more control over them while on walks and is comfortable for them to wear. Keep trying until you find one that you both like and enjoy.

Having a healthy German Shepherd also means meeting their physical needs, too. Not just walking them safely in the best headcollar made for German Shepherds, but a complete fitness program.

Follow this healthy German Shepherd exercise routine for fitness and health to complement your daily walks.

Choosing the Best Head Collar for a German Shepherd

There are so many models to choose from it’s sometimes overwhelming to pick. 

But I’ve chosen the best headcollars for German Shepherds based on my experience using these tools with my GSD.

With a headcollar, you can walk your German Shepherd safely and without all the pressure on your shoulder, hand, and arm. Use a headcollar if you’re tired of your dog taking you for a walk instead of the other way around!

You’ll feel accomplished and proud to walk your beautiful, well-behaved dog through your neighborhood with the right tool for the job.

But using a training tool is only half the battle. You’ll feel better and more at ease when you have a trained dog that listens to your commands.

If you want to have a better relationship with your German Shepherd, then join thousands of other German Shepherd owners online who choose positive training to get a well-behaved dog for life.

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