Hi, my name is Catherine and I’ll give you the skills you need to earn your German Shepherd’s trust and create a faithful companion for life. 

Dare I say…


If you enjoy anything German Shepherd related, then you’ll feel right at home here. It’s a hub of German Shepherd information and research for German Shepherd lovers all over the world!

You’ll get plenty of information to answer your most pressing German Shepherd questions, as well as lots of well researched, scientifically-backed knowledge to give you confidence in handling your powerful breed.

I’ve been around German Shepherds since I was a little girl and first started learning about them at my grandparent’s. My grandparents had a great affection for German Shepherds since my grandpa had fond memories of the GSD during his time in service. They taught me how to live successfully with a large, powerful, active dog and raised German Shepherds for over 40 years! 

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with continuing education in Animal Behavior and Dog Training.

When I wanted to learn more about training and behavior specifically for German Shepherds I didn’t find a website that exclusively covered only our breed that provided scientifically researched information. Moreover, many of the websites weren’t even created by someone who actually grew up with or owned German Shepherds! 

And some of the advice other websites give is downright dangerous for your Shepherd!

I wanted to give other owners all the right information that I looked for when I needed help with my German Shepherd, but that simply didn’t exist. 

And that’s why I created Shepherd Sense. 

Let’s face it: You’re one of the few German Shepherd owners who care enough to even research how to become a better owner and give your dog the best life possible. This one act sets you worlds apart from others who simply don’t even try to learn to live more harmoniously with their German Shepherd! 

You understand that living with your German Shepherd means more than simply providing them with the right food, exercise, and a soft, warm bed to rest on. It’s a lifetime of bonding, training, and continually improving your communication and relationship skills with one of the best dog breeds in the world. 

It’s a responsibility that never stops growing. 

I’ve had many ups and downs with my German Shepherds and learned from these failures and successes. My bookshelf is filled with dozens and dozens of books about German Shepherds and I want to share all that I know about our breed with you. You deserve a knowledgable answer and information from an owner who understands your struggles and challenges. 

Shepherd Sense is my ongoing research into our lovable breed, shared for all who need a helping hand. 

This website is full of topics that will help you increase your understanding of basic training, learn the best ways to live with your German Shepherd and give you more confidence in interacting with your GSD.

Consider this website your own personal German Shepherd library.

YOU are the reason Shepherd Sense exists. 

About Rada: The Star of Shepherd Sense

Rada loves to sleep in the armchair and snore!

Rada is my 9-year-old German Shepherd. She’s got a gorgeous, thick plush coat with a tail that looks like a fox!

When walking her around my town, I get compliments about what a beautiful dog she is! People even stop to say how well-behaved she walks on her leash. I can teach you how to get these types of compliments, too!

And you’ll love the smile on your face when you know you’ve worked hard to shape a Shepherd that readily listens to your commands, behaves in public, and is a joy to have around in your home!

Rada Loves Her Friends

Here, Rada gives her eyes of love to her little friend Poncho, but I don’t think he notices.

Contrary to what you might know about German Shepherds, they’re actually very social and friendly when introduced to new people and animals positively. You might even find that your German Shepherd has a love of certain types of dogs.

In Rada’s case, she loves little dogs and puppies! In the picture above, you can see her giving a non-threatening posture by lowering her head below her old friend, Poncho. He’s 15 years old and she still loves to interact with him. He usually declines her offer of play or interaction, but he prefers to be alone more often these days.

This doesn’t stop Rada from trying to be his friend and stay close, though!

Rada quietly and gently puts herself next to Poncho and sighs a big relief of happiness!

While Poncho is quiet and requires a soft touch and interaction from Rada, her cockapoo friend is quite the opposite! He’s exciting, happy, and has an energy that never stops.

Rada’s right at home matching his play style and fun-loving personality!

In the background is Rada’s partner in crime, Kuzya.

My German Shepherd also lives with a very large cockapoo (yes, cockapoo’s can grow big since they’re a crossbreed and it’s unpredictable). He’s almost as tall as her but doesn’t weigh nearly as much as Rada.

He’s boisterous and she loves to chase him around the yard or out on our walks in the fields. He’s about 7 years old and they’ve known each other since he was a tiny puppy. They’re bonded dogs and begin to fret and worry when they’re separated.

German Shepherds are great with other dogs when given plenty of positive introductions and you might be surprised how well they can control their energy to match other dogs.

Rada is the order-keeper in the house. If any dog acts out and she deems this unacceptable behavior, she steps in and breaks up the commotion or redirects the other dogs to different areas of the house.

She’s also a great alert and watchdog, letting us know when the mail arrives or when people are on the property.

Rada is the website’s inspiration.

Where to Get Started

Beginning a life with a powerful, energetic German Shepherd is overwhelming when there’s so much conflicting information on the internet from so many sources.

I’ve made your journey with your beautiful German Shepherd as easy as possible here on ShepherdSense.com

If you want the best place to start working with your German Shepherd, try the Easy German Shepherd Training at Home to begin obedience with your companion while creating a solid foundation of trust. You’ll also want to check out fun Mental Exercises for German Shepherds since a bored German Shepherd is prone to find their own entertainment (that you probably won’t approve of) and it’s a great way to build up confidence for both you and your GSD.

Enjoy your life with your German Shepherd and if you have any questions contact me using the contact form found at the bottom of every page.

I love to hear from you and help in any way I can!